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Full Version: Erasing a Hard Drive
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What is the proper way to erase a hard drive of it's contents? Right now I have a hard drive from back in 2007 that was used as a media drive, I deleted the contents using Window's formatting and then used it as a C drive for a bit. I felt that it was slow. So is it just the hard drive itself slow? Is it because I didn't erase it properly?
Just reformat the Hard drive. Go to Disk Management and format the entire drive
(04-04-2012, 08:56 PM)Roy Wrote: [ -> ]Just reformat the Hard drive. Go to Disk Management and format the entire drive

So that is a proper way of erasing everything? I did that last time, its just it felt a bit slower than before.
That is the way I have done it in the past. Have you attempted a disk defrag?
Formatting a drive clears off the data and gives you a blank slate. If you truly wanted to erase it, you would need software to write to each bit on the drive, but that is to keep anyone from retrieving sensitive data like finances from it. For your use, you just need to reformat it.

As to the speed issue, is the drive fragmented? That could slow it down. It shouldn't be any slower than when it was new.

Oh okay, I never actually tried defragging because I thought defragging only works if there's information on the drive. Thought that since it was "new" it would be like any other brand new hard drive where I could use it for a month before needing to defrag it. I'll try that when I throw it into my next build, thanks guys.
If there is no data on the drive, there is no reason to defrag. We thought the drive was slow with files on it. Do you have the controller configured correctly in bios?
Well what happened is that the hard drive used to be used for media and now I wanted to temporarily use it as a boot hard drive so I formatted the hard drive, installed the OS, and then it felt slow. And for controller I'm pretty sure it was always set to IDE mode. I didn't really check that.
Does it just seem slow compared to your newer drives? It might be a relative thing by being 5,400 rpm or slower rather than 7,200 rpm.
Its a 7200 rpm, but it was from back in 2007 and I might have my memory skewed by being spoiled with an SSD on my new computer. :X Anyways it seems like what I did before was correct, it was just me thinking that it was slow.
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