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Full Version: My Tier 9 build w/pics
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I finished my build about two weeks ago and amazingly still runs great. What a performance machine and I build it my self? Its amazing how gratifying it is to say I build it myself Cool
Anyway thanks again to all who helped me out and a special thanks to MathieuB for having available a site like this to help us with any questions.
I had no problems at all (surprisingly)There were moments that I wasn't sure if something is right or not but it turned out good. I took a few photos....sorry they are not that great .

As far as running Flight simulator X on this thing I am amazed how well it runs now even loaded with some 15-20 or so addons.Wink

[Image: parts.jpg]

[Image: inprogress.jpg]

The only thing I would change next time is get a bigger SSD. I had to re install Flight sim on The hdd with 2TB. 180 GB not enough for th OS and FSX. But I installed the Adobe Master Suite on there and the speed now is awsome.

[Image: Newbuild.jpg]

[Image: setup_1.jpg]
Congratulations on your new build and what a build it is!

"Its amazing how gratifying it is to say I build it myself"
I know, right? Big Grin
Thank you MathieuB for all your help and for making picking hardware an easy task with your Tier system.

Now that I know what to expect and backed with your expert guides I want to build a pc for my friend . He is looking for something in the lower Tier section. He is not interested in gaming.
Looks great, Congrats on the successful build!
awesome build!!! Have you played any games in eyefinity yet?
Thanks guys and poppy yes I played Battlefield 3 but mostly Flight Simulator X. Battlefield 3 looks and performs amazingly....but I think Flight Simulator X is the real test on any computer build because it is the most demanding program I think.

Wow. Nice :-)

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Beautiful. Congrats man. I know it may be posted elsewhere in the forums, but what components did your build include? I can see a few from the photo but not everything.
I follow the suggestions from Tier 9 orange but I change the video card to the Saphire 7970 card and went with the i7 2600K cpu and the Case I prefered the Cooler master HAF X.
How do you like the case? I'm thinking of using the HAF 932 for my build and I know it is similar to the HAF X.
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