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Full Version: Want to build but confused and comp. illiterate
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I am a mature gamer who after weeks of research is more confused than when I started, and am not really sure if I can accomplish a new build. Please realize that during my service days vcr's weren't even invented yet.Past computers have been prebuilt (Alienware). My budget is $2000 which will have to include the OS system. I wont need a key board, mouse or monitor. I would like to use my new HD 1080i tv. The games i generally play are MFSX(I fly online a lot) and Call of Duty(I love 1st shooter games). I would like to build a computer that I don't have to upgrade for a couple of years. I understand that MFSX is extremely CPU demanding. I guess what I am asking is for someone to recommend a build that will come within my budget. I would like something fairly quiet since it will be sitting either on or under my computer table right in front of me. And boy do I have questions!!!!! Thanks in advance.
Definitely BUILD YOUR OWN! The builds on this site are designed to take the guess work out of the equation as far as compatability. Considering you budget and what you say you are already keeping for components, you will be in the tier 8/9 area. That will be a better more powerful more reliable PC that you will get for the money with a prebuilt. Must read the "Building My First PC" article also on this site.

Some other tips I would add to that article are general. Don't put pressure on yourself to build and have it running by such and such a time on certain day. Get the big open space as suggested, have all the parts you plan to use, GO SLOW and read the literature that comes with your motherboard especially. I think I took 2 evenings to put mine together and get everything installed. The literature that comes with the Motherboard (at least for me) walks you right through attaching CPU cooler, mounting the board in the case, connecting cables, hard drives or ssd, and cd drive. LEAVE YOUR OLD PC RUNNING! That will ensure you can have access to all of the knowledge from members on the site should you run into a problem. Maybe have a digital camera handy in case you need to photo something to help with a description of you problem, Although at the very least some of the senior members on this forum can probably build blindfolded.
Just watch some build your own computer videos online. Newegg has about 2 hours worth of videos on youtube on how to select parts, build your computer and install software. Watch a few of those and decide for yourself if this is something within your ability/comfort level. Overall it sounds much harder than it actually is. realistically your build hardware will be significantly better performance per price than any pre built item so it is at least worth investigating building your own.
Building isn't hard, if you want we could help you step by step for each component. Just let us know.
Thanks for all the help. Great site. I think I will take all the advise given and continue researching, especially this site. Thanks again.
Watch this video, it walks through an entire build of a pc. It really shows how easy it can be done.