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Full Version: A big thanks to phrostibe! (Steam Sale Deal Bulletstorm thingy)
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A big shout-out THANKS goes out to phrosty, last night I asked on here if anyone could help me out with getting the Bulletstorm Steam Sale which wasn't available in my region. He deleted the topic by mistake through his phone, but doesn't matter since he added me on Steam and gifted me the game and I sent him the money through PayPal. So, again - big props to him! Really a trustworthy, helpful and nice guy!
Thanks again!
Yeah, sorry I deleted your topic. On the tapatalk forum app on my phone edit is right next to the delete button. Mix that with a few beers and you get accidents Smile. I better see you playing it all the time now Wink
Go Phrosty!
Beat bulletstorm today Smile Pretty fun game.
I thought it is a multiplayer only game.
Hm. Anyone knows how to get the uncensored version on steam?
What do you mean uncensored? Mine had all kind of curse words in it. Yes you can play multiplayer but you have to have a xbox paid membership. Because it is a "games for windows live" you have to have a paid membership to play multiplayer, which kind of sucks.
Eh paid multiplayer. That disqualifies it.
Over here we only have the censored version.
I wonder if it's bound to the account or the country you are logging in from. Maybe I'll try a proxy.