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Full Version: path of exile
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A game that sounds like an online Diablo 2 clone, which is a bit different they say. Has an open beta stress test weekend.

Could be awful or good. Who knows.
Hmm looks interesting.
Doesn't look bad, I wont be around this weekend to give it a shot though. It'd probably just make me want D3 even more :p
I was beta testing it when it just started out, pretty fun but quickly got boring. Tho a lot has been updated since I last played. If my PC wasn't killing my nerves every time I try to play a more than average demanding game I would actually check out on PoE again to see what's the fuss. Tho seeing as I finally came across some cash it looks like I'm not far from my new PC. I feel like I'll just hold out until I get my hands on it.
Yeah, It was fun. I'd be playing it right now, but there are other Betas to play.
It's worth giving it a shot.
I got into the beta a long time ago and I wasn't impressed at the time. It is very much a diablo clone. And you have to find your skills as i remember so that meant it was all auto clicking til then. I'm sure it's been massively updated since then but unfortunately I didn't get a good first impression.
I'm going to give it a try, thanks for posting.

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