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Full Version: FPS
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So bottom line, when I get into a group raid where graphics are more demanding what is the best option to keep my FPS up? Tried to O.C. my vid card more but does nothin? Best way to keep my FPS up?
The best way is to find out whats lagging your system. For gaming, most likely its either your CPU or GPU. Then OC that component. Sometimes, for example in Starcraft II, you could be running 60FPS all the time and have stuttering issues due to your/someone else's internet connection.
I'm just running WOW right now, if you look at my build I'm not positive but doubt it's either?
Your right, your rig eats games like WOW. Did you run an FPS tracker like FRAPS while playing to see if it was really a drop in FPS?
Yeh, tracking it constantly and still kinda stumped? like I said, tried bemping the core and memory clock in my vid. card and no diff.?
Hmm, I'm not too sure then. Could the script for WOW be the culprit? Try running Afterburner and Task Manager to see which bottlenecks first. I'm guessing here the CPU.
Yeh, I'm just stuborne.... cant see with my build why it can't max 60 fps continuiously? but this is my first build and I'm far from knowing all... Smile
I understand, SCII was giving me problems until I figured it was not my PC.