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Full Version: please help! cannot fit gpu into case/mobo
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haf 932 case. rampage iii formula. fitting in a massive gtx580.

but it doesnt line up at all! when i try to put the card into the case, through the case's pci-e slots, it does not match up with the pins on the mobo!!
the metal inbetween the slots prevents me from placing card into the pins at all!!
what am i suppose to do?! this seems like an insane problem, or atleast is driving me insane.
the last thing i want to do is to have to cut out the metal or something.
the mobo fits in beautifully, i thought...
ummm ok. im a total noob, and have forever solidified that status in my mind.
i was trying to use the top two slots, where i should have been on the second and third.


so it fits and i freaked out for nothing. shouldn't be doing this when i still have a fever and am getting over the flu!
It's even easier if you take a swig of Nyquil before you start assembling Wink
Yeah, got a flu slowing me down as well. Started feeling sick on Jan 1st, just in time for the New Year's party...

Glad to hear that you've figured it out.