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Full Version: Diablo 3 (Beta) on Bad Laptop
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So my desktop has died again Sad. So I decided to see if my diablo 3 beta could be played on my laptop. Technically it runs... but dear lord it must have been at 5 FPS and when I saw monsters at the edge of my screen, the next moment they were attacking me and I could barely cast my spells enough times to kill them.. I almost died.. TWICE.

Granted my laptop is 3-4 years old so I guess it's something that it was played at all.. but not really playable.

Laptop specs:

AMD Turion Dual-Core ~2.2Ghz
Nvidia GeForce 8200M G - 1392MB Total Memory
3GB Ram (It'd be nice to upgrade this)

Just some notes for anyone planning to play on a laptop.
Yea, I did some Diablo 3 testing some time ago. On my netbook with Radeon HD 6310, Diablo 3 will run 20-30fps at all min graphics with the fps choking down to 1 in situations. The 6310 is actually quite good for what it was intended for.
Hey Pineappl, sorry to hear about your PC. Did you figure out what the problem is? Waiting on replacement parts?
Funny you asked, It is a weird situation. One morning it worked, later that day it didn't turn on - got no responses. Late the next day it turned on, i left it on for 1.5 days. Then shut it off for a night, didn't turn on the next day.After this i had opened up my case and re-inserted all the major cables and that didn't fix it at the time.

And this morning all I did was push the power cable from the PC in to make sure it was snug and clicked the power switch on and off a few times (Seasonic calls this power cycling to generate power or something) and it turned on again. It's now sitting turned on at home... So I have no idea what it is. The assumption is a loose cable since it is turning on. Unless my PSU is getting a weak signal or something but it shouldn't since it's only 3 months old and a nice brand.