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Full Version: Steam MIDWEEK MADNESS
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Steam MIDWEEK MADNESS portal 2 for 9.99, and Total War Shogun 2 7.50. I'm trying to find out which one i want more
Wow, those are steals!
Gah stop posting awesome deals lol

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Isn't it the other way around? Portal 2 for 7.49 and Shogun for 10?
Sweet deals! I just got Total War Shogun 2 for myself Big Grin
!!! I haven't even started playing AC1 I bought for $2.50 yet. I don't ever want to hear PC gamers complain about games being expensive.
gnarrgh, and I have neither steam or my new PC set up X_X
You can just install Steam (very light installation) on any PC, buy the game and then install the game on your new build whenever you want.
Yup, there's also even a Steam mobile app for Android/iOS that you can use to make purchases.
Yeah I have that app too. I still need to play bioshock 1 and 2

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