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Full Version: [Deal] Humble Bundle for Android (& PC) 2
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Yet another Humble Bundle. This is the second edition of the Humble Bundle for Android, with PC compatibility as well. Same pay what you want method as per usual. Help out developers, charity and add some games to your library all at the same time.

Currently included games:

Zen Bound 2

Beat the average and receive:

Swords and Soldiers
Sweet. I already have cogs though lol.

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Same here, its a pretty fun game. I'll be skipping this bundle, especially since I don't have an Android phone.
I don't like the fact that it doesn't sync with the Android market. Makes it a pain in the butt to update the games.

edit - Yeah I will most likely skip this bundle too.

edit v 2 - Ok I lied. I paid higher than the average and got all the games Smile. Odds are they will throw another game in there too like they usually do.

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You are correct sir, Snuggle Truck has been added to the bundle.
That game scares me like no other.