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Full Version: Weird Issue - Computer No boot, then boots next day
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So, I had a weird issue where my computer was fine in the morning. Later that day it didn't boot.

Didn't boot the next morning. All I did was mash the clear CMOS button a bunch of times (fixed my last no boot) didn't work. Then tried the power cycling the PSU by turning the switch on and off. Still didn't work.

Then later today I just tried the power button again and it boots. When it booted I didn't get a picture right away, I saw Debug Codes of A3 and 64 linger for a while. Not sure if these mean anything.

So I have no idea what's going on. Thought it was PSU failure as the first step, but I was still in the process of figuring out the real problem. Now i'm afraid to turn my computer off. Any ideas?

Does your PSU come on during times of no boot? If so, it could be the motherboard. I would think it is the motherboard or PSU. You might run memtest too, although I wouldn't suspect the RAM.
Might be a loose cable or a part that's not seated properly. It's hard to say without you investigating further more for some clues.
I have opened up my case and re-inserted all the major cables and that didn't fix it at the time.

Yesterday all I did was push the power cable from the PC in to make sure it was snug and clicked the power switch on and off a few times (Seasonic calls this power cycling to generate power or something) and it turned on again. Then last night I decided to leave it on but put it in sleep mode, and this morning I couldn't power it back on. Could my PSU be getting a weak signal or something but it shouldn't since it's only 3 months old and a nice brand.

Would hitting the Clear CMOS button require me to reset my boot drive? Both times the computer has turned on for me, I had to go back in the BIOS and turn on my Marvell Controller for the boot drive.

I thought about buying a PSU Tester at one point, but i honestly have no idea how to read them and i'd just be going off some instructions online.
I decided to just take it to a store to find the problem. Turned out to be the PSU as usual. 3 months old seasonic Sad.

Does anyone know if i have to send back all the cables, or if i can just leave them in and send back the unit? Cause that'd be so much nicer.
If you are just sending it in for repair, keep all the accessories. They'll just ship the unit back to you. Good luck!