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Full Version: Tier 2 BSOD Issues
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Hello all! I'm back! About a week ago I ordered the parts for a Tier 2 build, and I put it together. My adventures in this are well documented in another forum so I'll move on.

I've installed an OEM copy of 64 Bit Windows Ultimate, and everything has been working pretty much okay. Except for all the BSOD's. It wasn't so bad, but it seems to have gotten worse lately. After solving some initial issues involving the motherboard's 24 and 8 pin power connectors I reduced it a bit, but I'm still crashing out of windows every hour or so. More often if I try to do anything at all intensive with the system.

It's a Tier 2 build with only three alterations. First off, it doesn't have the optical drive. I had been intending to use one I already had on hand, but it turned out it wasn't compatible. I have one of those on order now and it'll arrive in a couple days.

Second, it's got a HDD that I already had lying around. It's a Seagate Barracuda and I've checked it over enough ways that I'm reasonably sure that it's not the problem. The HDD is in basically perfect health.

Third, and most importantly, I upgraded the motherboard. Thanks to some shipping delays with the first one, I just went ahead and got the ASRock Z68 Pro3 Gen3 which was listed as a higher cost option for future-proofing a Tier 2 somewhat.

As to the BSOD's themselves, I've run into several different ones doing different things. The most common one is STOP 0x00000050 PAGE FAULT IN NON-PAGED AREA.

The other big one that I can't seem to resolve is 0x1E. I've variously run into a few others like 0x24 and 0x7E, but those were a one-off thing that haven't showed up again.

I have installed a bit of software that might make a difference so far, and stability has been hit or miss in Safe Mode.

I've got the latest Firefox, and Mozilla Thunderbird. The newest Catalyst drivers for the HD6870 in the system. A handful of games like Minecraft. Steam, which is about 2,000 MB into downloading another game. Windows Media Player Classic - Home Cinema. Winamp. I've got all the Windows updates up til' Service Pack 1, which refuses to install correctly.

Hmm... not much else comes to mind.

If I could resolve even one of these I could get my system to hang around long enough for me to get in and copy the Minidump files generated from a crash, but... hmm...

Oh yes, and I've already run some tests to try to figure it out. I did four passes of a Memory Diagnostic on the middle option for thoroughness, and I also did a full Chkdsk which took a very long time to look over all my free space. Neither turned up any problems.

Since it hasn't actually crashed that I've noticed before Windows 7 started loading, I'm thinking that if I can't figure this out by, say, evening tomorrow, then I'll just reinstall Windows 7 and see if it keeps happening or if it turns out to be some mistake I made.

Any help would be much appreciated. I'd start my query somewhere like PCWorld except it occurred to me that there are probably people here who have almost the exact same computer I do now, whereas anywhere else I'd be at great pains to explain my hardware. This place has already been a great resource for when I was buying the computer, and it directed me to the ArsTechnica article which helped me put it together. Now I just need to resolve the Software Issues and I'm golden.
So, I think I solved my issue!

After long trial and error and driver updates and computer cleaning and optimizing and whatnot, I had finally cut down the bluescreens quite a bit. I realized though that there was one application which would almost instantly BSOD my computer. Civilization 5. I could open it, start a tutorial game, and get anywhere from 0 to 5 turns in before BSODing.

Since a lot of the issues I had pointed to either Drivers or Memory and by this point I was absolutely freaking CERTAIN than I had the latest and greatest drivers for every single piece of equipment I could possibly shove into my computer, I thought it might be the memory. I ran four passes of Memtest86+ to no result... but then I remembered Civ5.

I took out one of the RAM sticks and tested Civ5, and suddenly I can play it perfectly. I mean absolutely perfectly, there's no issues with anything at all anymore.

I payed fifty turns, then shut down and swapped it out with the other RAM. I started it up, hit "Play Civ5!" and instantly my computer BSOD'd. I thought that was pretty conclusive, but I wanted to be sure, so I tested it again. I got three turns in and BSOD'd again. I've swapped out my memory once more, and I'm off to play Borderlands with a friend of mine.

I've decided that if a few days pass and I haven't had any more BSOD issues, I'll order a replacement set of memory, wait for it to arrive, and then send this one back, so that I don't have to go three to five days without any RAM, especially during Spring Break.

I was wondering though if there's anything I should know? The RAM was ordered from Newegg, so is there any advice anyone would care to share on their return policy? I have to pay to have it shipped back right? Does anyone know if G.Skill's products are under a decent warranty that I can take advantage of?

I've spoken with a couple friends who work with computers professionally and both of them have said to me they've had a number of bad experiences with G.Skill memory, so I'm not really interested in getting an exact duplicate product. I think I might try Corsair memory.

So... as a closing word, I suppose this can count as my personal down-vote for G.Skill memory. It appears I bought a brand new supposedly hand-tested and matched pair and one of them was broken right out of the packaging. It caused me no end of headaches for almost six days now.

Everything else recommended in the build is wonderful though! Thanks for the wonderful recommendations. This computer lives up to my expectations and exceeds them in every other possible way. Since playing on huge resolutions like 1920x1600 or whatever doesn't interest me, I've yet to actually find a game that slows down under any conditions or settings on my computer so far. Thanks very much!
If you just recently purchased it, I would go back through Newegg.
Glad that worked out! Doesn't matter how good a product is, there's always a dud somewhere. Hence they have the warranty on it.
hi all, just saying i had the exact same error and it was fixed completely by moving to corsair RAM, hope it works out for you too.

ps. the error means that windows has saved data to the RAM, come back to access it later and found the data to have vanished and then throws up a blue screen error
it happens. one tip, contact gskill if you plan to keep the memory. they have great customer service and will let you ship only the defective stick back for replacement. if you send it back to newegg, you will have to send both as they are a set. good luck.