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Full Version: UPS for gaming rig?
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Anyone considered buying or looking into a UPS for their gaming rig? I honestly have started considering it, given the sheer amount I have riding on my setup, but in preliminary researching found a bit of diverging and confusing information. Like pure sine wave output vs square, power wattage requirements, if it can wear your PSU faster...etc.

I image for those who looked into the backup solutions section of HR had to consider it for their backup at least if they are using a RAID config, so hoping there might be a few opinions roaming around that might help wade through the confusion.

I always recommend using a power surge protector.

As for a UPS, it's a good idea if the voltage in your house/apartment fluctuates a lot, especially if you get voltage drops. Otherwise, it's not necessary in my opinion.
Are all surge protectors relatively equal? Or are there "good" ones that are worthy of investing more money?
Unless you have some professional use for them, they are pretty much all equal in my opinion. Then again, I'm not exactly specialized with surge protectors, so take my opinion for what it's worth Wink
Yup, got the power serge protector. Just had a couple shutdowns recently on my PC without warning given there is some construction on the building attached to my apartment building, I'm guessing they are having issues keeping the power going. :/

So will ask around then, thanks!