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Full Version: Looking for an rpg
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So I am looking for an rpg that will catch my interest and keep it. I played Kingdoms of Amalur and got bored. Same with skyrim. I feel like I got bored with KoA because it was too easy. I played on hardest difficulty and it was still pretty simple. I am not saying I wanna die all the time though. Wink

I just want a game that I can geek out for a few hours a day between working and doing homework. Nothing like WoW that would require an extensive amount of time.

Also needs to be a PC game. Preferably the ability to use a controller since i play on a laptop Wink. I know it's a tall order but there has to be some sort of rpg that can regain my interest in gaming. I feel like I have become bored with gaming and desperately want something to bring back the love Wink

edit - I also tried playing old snes games too and got bored with games I used to know and love. Something has to be wrong with me Sad
I don't know what the specs of your pc are, cause the game I reccommend is a beast:


Then install this mod compilation:

Very easy to install; you can really lose yourself in this game.

Should run fairly well as long as your cpu is over 3 ghz

So is it skyrim but with mods? Also I highly doubt I can play it. Like I said I am on a laptop Wink
Phrosty has a Hp Probook 4530s with an Intel Core i3-2310M Dual-Core + Hyper-Threading 2.1GHz CPU Wink
I enjoyed cthulu saves the world and breath of death 7?

They are on steam for $2 - they are 2 old school snes style rpgs with some humor thrown in there. However they are probably only 6-8 hours long.

I was gonna suggest the awesome SNES rpgs like FF3(6), chrono trigger and super mario rpg. There's fable 1 the lost chapters. That's kinda cool.

And Morrowind is the 3rd ES series so just a duller version of skyrim i would guess.
Try Dragon Age Origins. Great RPG that is very in depth but not so far you get bored. You can pick it up on Steam or EA's Origin.

I never have played final fantasy anything. I suppose I can try that. :-). I did play dragon age. Didn't really like it lol. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Well Mass Effect and especially Mass Effect 2 are still some of my favorite games of all time
Want to try my mod for Diablo 2? Tongue its pretty sick I still play once in a while with my family.

Edit: Check this out:

Personal Choices:

Fallout 2
Deus Ex
Diablo 2
The Witcher 1/2
A diablo 2 mod? You have peaked my interest.
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