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Full Version: ME1 and ME2 $5 each!
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No excuses if you always wanted to play.
I'm gonna pick this up.

How do amazon downloads work? IS there a steam key or what?
Ah geez, i have wanted to try them out cause the series is so popular but i've still got so many other games to play.
Yeah I don't plan on playiong them right this second but having them in my games library would be nice Smile
AFAIK, amazon games. You download a download client. That client downloads the game and installs it like DVD. I have Crysis 2 from amazon and that's how it works. Good luck!

Edit: You can download the clients on as many computer and as many times as you want.
P.S. Games deals go in the Games forums, Talk & Deals sub-forums Wink

Moved it for you.

Great deal though Big Grin
Thanks. Big Grin
If you look at the dates next to the games, it says that ME2 came out before ME1. Jan. 26, 2010 vs Oct. 14, 2010.
Very good deal, those dates me be when they were added to the Amazon digital download database.