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Full Version: IDE TO AHCI??? IS THERE A WAY? :(
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HI! its me again lolz... thank you all for always helping me out.... here's my problem... I did not use AHCI when I install my new windows 7 os and I used IDE, is there a way to re do it? because when i switch it to AHCI from efi something lolz, it restarted and show missing operating system... by the way, I already installed windows 7 and activated it, can i re install everything again if that is the only fix, my Seagate HDD won't format either so i am not sure what to do... thanks a lot again.... Smile
ohhh by the way, should i leave it IDE or should i switch it to ahci... sorry for being so ignorant.. I tried my best to research both of them but I still don't get it... thanks again...
Go back in the EFI and switch back to IDE. Then follow this tutorial first and then go back in the efi to switch back to ACHI.

As for your Seagate HDD, here's how to format it within Windows: