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Full Version: (Solved) Sorttbls.nlp error after recabling
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Hi all,

I am so close with my build that I taste it. Now after reorganizing my cables, I had a couple small mishaps.

Lets say while moving the ssd out, it got knocked to the ground. Luckily it wasnt like a massive fall, but Im sure a standard hdd would not have faired well.

The reason I mentioned it, two things happened. The uefi settings for my storage io changed back to ide, is that normal?

When I changed it to at AHCI, it gave me the BSOD, so then I used that handy trick posted as a sticky (change IDE, regedit, change back to AHCI) and was able to boot back into windows without an error.

However then I got this "unable to find sorttbls.nlp or one of its components" errors for microsoft .net.

I searched all over for the solution, activated, reactivated .net, reinstalled catalyst, ran sfc /scannow, reinstalled the .net client, and the error is still there.

I most likely will reinstall windows, however are all this interlinked? The fact that my mobo resets to ide when i unplug it bothers me. Is my SSD not stable? What about ssd firmware I hear all about, I didnt install any, is that critical or also could be a cause?

Thanks much all, as aways.
It seems like it relates to the catalyst software. I'd try to reinstall it again, getting the program directly from their website.
Thanks. I did that a couple times, thinking the same.

However you know what ended up solving it? Windows update. Downloaded a bunch of net 3.5 hotfixes and resolved the problem! First time that a windows hotfix actually did that, but happy nonetheless. Was on the verge of reinstalling windows all over again.

Thanks much.
oh yea, you always wanna do all your updates before doing anything else. When i updated my windows machine for the first time there was like 500 mb worth of updates.
Hm..I'm glad to see that you have solved the problem! Cheers!
Yeah I know, I know... Bad noob builder not updating all his windows updates. Smile

I just recall several times in the years of WoW patches that any small change would wreak havoc on gameplay, and the mantra at the time was "dont do windows update unless absolutely necessary".

So yeah, that was XP, yeah that was awhile ago, but old habits die hard. Smile

Thanks to you both.