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Full Version: problem after rearanging my cables
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Iv had my computer for about 7 months now and its worked fine, today i decided to arrange my wire so that they are less intrusive. After i had finished doing this when i start my computer up it starts then swithces off again then starts up againg and does this until it manages to stay on? when its turns on it all works fine.

could this be to do with one of the wires i reaganged touching somethings its not ment to?

also when i start it up sometimes i get a message that says overclocking problem but im not over clocking anything.

thanks for any help.
I guessing your computer is rebooting? Or is the powersupply dying and then restarting itself? Does your computer POST everytime? or only the time that it is sucessful.
That's most likely due to a short somewhere. Double-check your cables to make sure every one of them is fully inserted and that no loose cable is touching something that it shouldn't.
Make sure that you used the old screws again and nothing metal touching the motherboard. Try to do a CMOS reset on it. It usually works for me if I get the overclocking fail problem.