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Full Version: Newly built 0.75 Tier Gaming PC
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After reading the forums for several months I finally built a system and opted for a 0.75 gaming pc.

Happy to say everything went smoothly with no problems at all!

Intel G860 3ghz cpu
Asrock H61M u3s3 motherboard
G.skill 8gb ram
Seagate barracude 500 gb hard drive
Asus 24x dvd burner
ENERMAX NAXN 350W power supply
NZXT Gamma Classic 1 case
Windows 7 Home Premium 64

EDIT: Added the XFX Radeon 6770 and things are running smoothly!

Love the forums and reading all the suggested builds- thanks for the help!
Looks awesome, the 6770 will play nicely with all those.
Nice build man, thanks for sharing Smile

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