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Full Version: Steam: Skyrim for $39.99, ES Collection for $49.99
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Many of you probably have Skyrim already but for those who don't..

Steam is having a midweek sale on Skyrim and other Elder Scrolls games until 2/9.

Most notably Skyrim is 33% off for $39.99, or you can get Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim for $49.99.

Pretty good deal, I'm thinking of getting Skyrim myself..
Geez, I would get it if I didn't already have 6 other games to play and complete first. Heard only great things about it.
Yeah, I know that feeling, I still have games to play from the Steam holiday sales.
Wow, definitely a good deal. Thanks for posting!
You're welcome! Game deals always entice me even though I may not have time to play them. Angel
What does es mean?

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Elders Scrolls.
Yup what ApexBoost said. Sorry for the confusion, I shortened it because I didn't want the thread title to get too long.
Oh its all good. Makes sense now that I know what it means lol.

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