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Full Version: 65% off Deus Ex: Human Revolution
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Great deal for a great game!
Nice. Thanks for the heads up
Only reason I got it was to sneak through it. load times were unnecessarily long however for the constant sneak failures to come.
I only ever got to the first mission and decided it would make me want to throw my mouse at the screen.
Are controls through the keyboard and mouse pretty straight forward or do people prefer playing with a controller?

Should I upgrade my PC first before attempting this game? it seems more graphically intensive than SC2.
Great game indeed.

BigZacDiesel: Heres a good place to start.
If you don't want to read. Smile GTX 460 1080 16AF AA lower 60s max FPS. 40-50 min FPS. The game works all of your 4 cores nicely.
Cool thanks for the info. Ordered the game.