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Full Version: Power Supply Fan not turning on - New Build
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I assume that's a death sentence no? I tried an out of case test with all my components, and the power supply looked like it didn't do a thing. Didn't smell anything. The fan didn't turn on. Nothing on the motherboard lit up. I even changed the main power cable with one from my old PC. Nothing. Unplugged all the components and tried again. Nothing.

It's a SeaSonic Platinum-1000 1000W 80 PLUS Platinum Modular. I tried switching it on / off several times to "reset" it.. still no life from it.

What luck. 2 weeks to get this stuff in, and now this happens. Sad

1.) If you were me, would you go out to get a store bought one to continue testing? Or wait the 1 week to wait for the whole exchange process to happen again ( I do have a year warranty on the machine).

My only concern is I will wait one week and find something else defective. For a weekend project, turning into a month long one.

2.) If I do decided wait for exchange, how should I store my mobo? I have the siverlight heatsync attached, so not willing to unattach that. Should I screw it into the case? So I just leave it covered somewhere?

Thanks much
Quick checks:
24 pin connection to mobo.
8 pin connection to cpu.
Switch on PSU is ON.
If its connected to a volt protection switch to ON.
Try with just CPU RAM and MOBO.

mmm, thats all i can think of.
If your mobo has one, use the clear CMOS button or the MemOK button. If it still doesn't work call them for help.[/align]
if it is an easy take back then do it. The walk will do you good.
If not. Crap. Cable changes and test with yours and others. a friends or to work... just don't blame me for anything that blows up.
Always best to let other do serious testing when it comes to actual power supplies.
Figured it out. I forgot to push the stupid power button on the mobo given the graphics card was covering it. D'ohh!

If it was in a case, I'd be like duh... push the power. For some reason I expected doing an out of box test to magically power on.

Whoops! Thanks for all the help! Blush