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Full Version: Dota 2 & Diablo 3
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So I got an email saying I got into the Dota 2 Beta (Yay). 4 hours later I got an email saying I got into the Diablo 3 Beta (OMG Big Grin)

What are the odds of getting into the 2 games i've been waiting forever for in the same day? Found it pretty ridiculous.

I already have too many games to play as it is. LoL, SC2, Cthulu saves the world, Bastion, Batman Arkham city, and Assassin's Creed.
Diablo 3 Beta?! Lucky you! Big Grin
So lucky. Too bad I couldn't even sign up for either Beta since my pathetic laptop wouldn't have been able to run either game even at the lowest settings. Let us know how they are though. Diablo 2 is probably one of my favorite games of all time and I can't wait for 3.
I love watching Diablo 3 live streams.

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I'm jealous on both counts, lets us know how you like them when you get the chance to play!
Thanks for the D3 Beta Tester tag, but i dunno how much actual "testing" i'm gonna do. Probably just gonna run around and go 'wheee I'm playing Diablo 3... it's only been 11 years since Diablo 2!!'
lol, congrats! you playing the game is blizzard's idea of testing. My favorite to play is the wizard. Wiz is OP.
Can I still sign up for Diablo 3 beta for the chance of playing it? Or they don't take anymore applicants?
This one just came from having a account and checking off that you want to opt-in to the diablo beta. And having your system specs uploaded into in your account.
Random side note: Cthulu Saves the World is freaking awesome. And congrats on the awesome betas.
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