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Full Version: Computer Doesn't Turn On
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So this morning I went to hit the power button of my ~2 month brand spankin' new PC and nothing happens Sad. Never a happy day.

My initial guess is the power supply unit, but the last time this happened to me it was a fried motherboard (6 year old PC). I know the issue can be caused by a few things but the main ones are PSU, Motherboard, or hard drive?

The first thing to do is check all the cables inside and out to make sure everything is plugged in. But does anyone have a list or steps guide on what and how I should check the different parts to find the problem?

Unfortunately I don't have spare parts to double check things with, like an extra PSU or anything like that.

Gotta love when this happens 45 days after I have all my parts. And everything had been working fine until today.
Is the green LED on the motherboard on? That indicates whether it is getting power or not, no matter if the PC is on or not.

If it is getting power, double-check the power button connection to the motherboard. Also, switch the connection for the reset button with the power button connection, it might be that your case's power button is broken.

If the motherboard isn't getting power, double-check the 24 pin and 4/8 pins power connectors to it and make sure that the power cord that connects your power supply to the wall outlet is well inserted, on both ends.
So clearing CMOS fixed the issue (Thank Goodness). The question now is what caused this problem. I know this means it had to do with the BIOS and I have been doing some tweaks for overclocking but I hadn't touched it in 2 weeks prior to this happening. I was at 4.6Ghz with a max voltage of 1.35v.
Glad to hear that your PC is working again.

What kind of stress testing did you do to make sure that your overclocking was stable? It could be that your CPU isn't 100% stable with your current settings, but more like 99.98%, just enough to cause your PC not starting.
I was using Prime95, i usually tested it for about an hour. Probably need to do a longer test.
That explains it, 1 hour is no where enough. I usually recommend testing overnight, for 8-12 hours. What kind of temperatures do you have under load, with Prime 95?
My temps never got higher than 64C. Usually sat around 56-58. Idle at 30C.
All right, your temperatures are fine then. Run Prime 95 for 8-12 hours and see if you get any errors.
I ran Prime95 Blend Test for a little over 9 hours with 4.5 Ghz with no errors. It's just when I go past 4.5 Ghz that I think i start to run into issues. I've gotten 4.6 and 4.7 to pass 1 hour tests, but just not 24/7 stable it seems.

Should I try the other Prime95 tests of small or large FFT?
I'd recommend sticking with 4.5GHz, which is a very respectable overclock.

Sure, you could pump more voltage into your CPU, but is it really worth for another 100-200MHz, considering that you won't see a noticeable difference in performance?
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