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Full Version: [News] Steam App Now Available for iOS & Android
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Steam recently just released a mobile app for both iOS and Android. The app allows you to see who is online, chat with your friends and most importantly make purchases on your account. You'll never miss another Steam sale again.

Sweet I've been waiting for a steam app. Hopefully they send a few more beta invites

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I hate how people are rating one star because they are not part of the beta.

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Yeah, they do similar things to magazine apps claiming since the app is free they should get every issue free.

Hopefully one of us can get into the beta and see how it works.
Yeah no joke Smile. I am super excited. I am surprised it took them so long though.
I have a beta invite to give out if anyone still needs one just pm me.
I have one as well.

Overall the app seems pretty well done, the only thing I can think of that is lacking at this point is the ability to view your current game library. I have no doubt that will be added at some point, but as of now I'm very pleased with it. Everything else seems fluid and easy to access.
Facebook could learn a thing or twelve from the steam app.

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Also, the app should be available for everyone now.

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