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Full Version: HoN or LoL which is preferred?
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Heroes of Newerth or League of Legends?

I only played HoN for a little bit but heard LoL is much better. I heard there both have the same game play but also different. Anyone know the pros and cons of the two? What is the comparison between the two?

I have never played hon so I cannot speculate. I really enjoy lol though. I know quite a few people here play it too.

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HoN is more difficult and the champions are better / more interesting.
Both games have a crappy community.
LoL's graphics are easier on the eyes.
Both UIs could be improved.
LoL has some kind of shovelware mentality. You know, pushing unfinished, broken patches and champions every 2 weeks.
I am a huge fan of LoL. I have been playing since Beta and I love it. It is fairly easy to pick up and fun to play. It is best if you have friends that also play because sometimes you can be matched up with people that can be quite annoying, but I'm sure this happens in many online games.

I have only attempted to play HoN one time, and it definitely seems much more difficult to play and learn, especially since the community seems unwilling to help out new players. Also, my computer sucks and I was barely able to run the game so that did have some impact on my decision to not play it more than once.

Overall, I would suggest playing LoL because it is a simpler game to pick up and play while still providing great gameplay.
HoN was a direct carbon copy of Dota from warcraft 3 custom mod. However it's play style is still a little different, I didn't like it and I played dota for 4 years.

LoL is much more newcomer friendly. With lots of training environments and information on website/forums. I ultimately enjoy LoL more as well.