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Full Version: Firefall Beta Key
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Hi guys,

I'm a beta tester for an upcoming game called Firefall.
They use a google+-like invite system and give out invites to the testers who themselves invite more people (if needed).

Now I have a spare invite. But it's not without it's difficulties.
It's still a closed Beta and thus there are no EU servers at the moment.
The servers are 2 days / week online and are not EU timezone friendly
(around 12pm to 6am GMT +0).

The minimum requirements aren't high. A dual core processor, nVidia 9800GT and 4gb ram (probably for dumping data).

So if anyone wants to take a look at the game just drop me a message. Preferably a PM with your e-mail (I can only send an invite, not actual keys). Don't worry, I'm not gonna register your e-mail at dirty sites.

Here is a link to the game

I hope this is not against the forum rules. ^^

Hey do you still have the invite??
I'm sorry, but all invites have been given out. There were three times more people who messaged me than expected.

But once I get more I'll be back!

Happy new year.