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Full Version: Display suddenly shutdowns
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My monitor/display suddenly shutdowns when im playing a game or randomly. And the sound hangs whenever the display shutoffs when im playing a game. I just want to know if got problem on my gfx card, mobo, or psu ?

-cpu working when the display shutsdown
-same with gfx and the built in fans.
What games are you playing? Is it happening to all your games? What are the specs of your system?
Warcraft The Frozen Throne and Ragnarok Online.


AMD Phenom II x2 555 Black Edition
Sapphire Vapor X HD Radeon 5750
G.Skill 4GB Memory
Asrock M3A770DE MoBo
Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W
Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB
Could be the PSU, but I'd rather get RAM issues out of the way first:
Run Memtest 86+ overnight and see if you get any errors:

If you do get errors, RAM is the culprit.

If not, run Furmark for an hour to stress the video card. If the PC freezes then, the video card may be the issue. Keep an eye on the video card temperature too, let us know what they are when running Furmark.

If your PC freezes under Furmark, run Prime 95 overnight too. If your PC freezes again, the PSU is most likely the issue. If your PC does freeze under Furmark but not under Prime 95, the video card is most likely the issue.
okay , ill try what u said and see what happens.
If there was a blue screen then it would be helpful to post the dump file. Otherwise do what Mathieu suggested.
no blue screen so far. the display just shut offs. As for Mat suggested, i couldnt burn the memtest file so i just tried using the windows mem diagnostic tool and the results are fine.

Furmark results are also good for a 1hr test. Here's the result:
temperature: min 33c , max 65c
fps- 18 minimum, 55 max, 46 avg
*but after the test and i closed the program, the display suddenly shutoffs. but on my 2nd test, nothing happened.

On Prime 95, i got 0 errors and 0 warning for a 9hr test.
Unfortunately, the windows mem diagnostic tool is a fairly poor tool that fails to detect many errors. Running Memtest86+ overnight is a must.

There's a version of Memtest86+ for USB memory sticks, right here:
ok got it, i installed it on my usb and will post the results tomorrow.
i got no problems on memtest 86+. Almost 11 hrs of test and no errors at all. I also tried the option "In-place large FFTs(maximum heat ,etc) on prime 95 and the results are fine too. Same results with the blend test like what i said before on my 4th post. By the way, my graphic card has lights working on before but it doesnt work now. Is there a major problem on my gfx ?
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