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Full Version: Questions on budget builds
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I have been looking at the .75 tier for a while now and all i want to know is how much more performance will I get if i use a GTX 550 ti instead of the 6770?

Im kind of a Nvidia Fanboy so I want to use a Nvidia card.

1. How much more performance will i get with the 550 ti over the 6770?

2.Is it worth $20 more?

3.and what PSU will I need?

4. and I already own a 1TB hard drive with windows 7 OEM if i add that hard drive to another computer will I need to buy another windows 7 OEM?

Oh and i will not overclock at all
1. About 7% more.
2. Sure, but for the same price, a Radeon HD 6790 offers better performance. Heck, for a bit more money, a $145 Radeon HD 6850 is wayyy more powerful.
3. You can use the recommended 500W PSU for Tier 0.75
4. Most likely not. You might have to call Microsoft to re-activate Windows though.