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Full Version: System won't POST, please critique my recover steps
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Hello, all.

I received my components from Newegg and set about building my system. For the record, I built systems for years, so I am running some ideas by you guys on why there is no POST.

When I was unable to get the system to power up, I stripped the system to bare components:Intel Core i3-2120 Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz LGA 1155 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor, BIOSTAR TH61 ITX LGA 1155 Intel H61 mini-ITX Motherboard, and SILVERSTONE ST45SF 450W SFX12V 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply. The cpu is capped with COOLER MASTER Vortex Plus RR-VTPS-28PK-R1 92mm Long life sleeve CPU Cooler. I even removed the RAM sticks. And, yes, I picked all the parts recommended on this site.

With the system stripped to cpu, cooler, and mobo, I start the board using a screwdriver on jumper pins. And yet, I still get the classic 1-2 second start up then immediate stop. I am (was) positive the cooler was properly seated (more on that later). I have no real way of testing the cpu in another system. This morning, I moved the psu to a known working system. However, the mainboard on the working system is the AS Rock 4core Dual SATA. The Silverstone psu is *not* fully compatible with the board. The ATX 20-pin cord plugs in fine, but the four pin cord is not compatible. The good news is that the AS Rock mainboard *will* power the cpu without issue, but I get no video signal, which makes sense.

So, in the new system, that leaves the either the board as non-functional or the cpu. I am betting it is the board. The TH61 box was missing the rear i/o panel from the contents. This makes me suspicious that the board was repackaged.

Now, about the cooler. The mounting pins that came with the cooler were a little squirrely, and, after removing the cooler to check the spread on the thermal paste, one of the mounting clips snapped OFF. The board was undamaged, but now, I can't properly mount and seat the cooler. The good news is that there was plenty of paste on the cooler, possibly even too much. I scrapped off the excess, just to be sure, but I am at full stop. I emailed Newegg for a replacement board last night, but my question to the group is whether or not I have reasoned this correctly. The problem appears to be the board to me. Does anyone recognize any evidence that I may have missed? Any help appreciated.

Sounds like the motherboard could indeed be the culprit, especially considering the missing I/O backplate. At least, that would be my guess from the information that you gave us. My second guess would be a short somewhere in your system.

As for the CPU cooler, you want a very thin layer of thermal paste, so you probably put too much. Sorry to hear about the mounting clip snapping off, that's too bad. Try contacting Newegg about it, perhaps they'll be able to help you out. Otherwise, contact Cooler Master, hopefully they can do something to help you.

Edit: Moving this to the Troubleshooting forums.
There was too much paste, in my opinion, so I thinned it out, but that wouldnt prevent POST.

Since I was finally down to starting the sytem with only the motherboard, the cpu, and the cooler, I can only imagine any shorts would be on the board itself. The cpu was properly seated and locked in. Even without a cooler, the system would start, albeit briefly, so long as the processor and board are in good condition.

I do have another cpu cooler. The Intel processor came with a stock cooler with its own mounting clips. While awaiting the RMA from Newegg, I can always mount that cooler to eliminate any sort of short from the cooler-to-cpu connection (although I seriously doubt that to be the case).

Ill contact Cooler Master for more mounting pins. I suspect they were broken or near broken when the item arrived.

I have only had *one* DoA cpu in my lifetime, so I would be very very surprised to find it nonfunctional. And I built everything in a static free environment, so I have no idea how I could have ruined the board. I'm super paranoid about grounding myself.
For crying out loud. I solved the issue thanks to my obsessive inability to let a problem go.

It was very simple. The Biostar TH61 board requires you to plug the psu into both the 24 pin ATXPWR1 connector AND the 4 pin JATXPWR2 connector. I completely forgot to connect the JATXPWR2 connector. Once I plugged in the power cord, it worked instantly. Sheesh.

So there you have it, another variant of the old tech support standby: Are you sure it is plugged in?


lol Big Grin

That's what happens when you build so many systems, you overlook something, assume that you did everything right, only to eventually realize that you forgot something so basic that the only appropriate reaction is either "Doh!" or a facepalm.

At least I can tell you that you're far from the only one who's done that mistake Tongue

Glad to hear that you're figured out the "problem" in the end Smile