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Full Version: i7 860, Ram question.
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Hey everyone. I got a doubt about this and can't seem to find a really straight up final answer, it's rather simple too I believe.
On the Intel webpage, in the i7 860 specifications link, it says that the memory supported is 1066/1333mhz. Now, does that means that If I have a 1600 ram and in the bios I set up the "xmp" thing to make it work at 1600, it wont work?
From what I believe, if you stick a 1600mhz RAM with the i7 860, then at stock, it will run it at 1333mhz max. If you want it to run 1600mhz, then you will need to overclock the i7 860.
As ichigeki said, it will simply downclock to 1333MHz. The performance difference between 1333 and 1600MHz RAM is negligible anyways.
Ahhhhh ok, thank you guys so much for the quick clarification. I'm trying to learn a little about overclocking so that was just confusing me. thanks.