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Full Version: Video card stops computer from starting up
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When I have the card inserted, the computer does not start properly (no video signal, error beep), but when the card is removed, everything works as normal.

When inspecting the card, I've noticed that on the connector, the second pin from the right is shorter and flat compared to the other pins, but when I flip the card over, all the pins on that side are the same. Is this normal?
Which video card do you have? About the connectors, are you talking about the VGA connections or the connections to the motherboard?
Connectors to the motherboard. It's a gtx 560 ti that I finally managed to get.
What is your PSU? and are you connecting all the necessary power into the graphics card?

Also, try to change your primary graphics adapter to PCI Express under BIOS if its not before trying to run from the video card. (note: you should have a working backup video card or be prepared to clear your CMOS if it still doesn't work and your stuck)
PSU is a 650w, so it should be's on the approved list. Everything is plugged in...not sure if that might lock me out if I change it. It's the AMI BIOS...
Try changing the primary graphics adapter to PCI and if it locks you up, clear the CMOS by either shorting the CMOS or removing the motherboard battery.
Both PCI and PCI Express options cause the screen to not get a signal...when I use the onboard graphics, I can see stuff, but the computer isn't actually using the card, even though it knows it's there and I have installed the drivers.
Hmm, its probably your video card then. To make sure its a faulty video card do you have a spare or can you borrow a video card to test?
After an RMA, I have a replacement card, and they both cause the same issue.
Do you have access to a card that you know for sure works? Sometimes RMA doesn't always fix the problems.
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