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Full Version: Just got Diablo 3 Beta,
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Just got the beta invite yesterday. Its pretty good except that it was very short. Anyone here diablo fans?
I'm pumped, jealous of the beta key!

Anything particular you love/hate?
Action is fun, though extremely unrealistic. Voice acting is good. Familiar Blizzard voices. Levels are a bit cramp sometimes, although overall larger than Diablo 2. Cheesy cut scenes. Cheesy story, so far. Characters seem well balanced. Every skill seems to be useful, unlike Diablo 2. Great music/sound. Much better animation compared to other action RPGs. New bonuses for multiple enemy kills (Bonus Exp). Items drop much less than in previous Diablos (Only found a couple magic in about 4 hours of gameplay).
I am with apex I am super jealous. However your post doesn't inspire much confidence to be honest. :-(

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yea I'm gonna wait a month after release to see how the game evolves first
I'm interested to see how the auction house works out, I feel like everyone is just going to be trying to make money instead of playing the game.
Big Diablo fan here, as a matter of a fact, "met" Phrosty on a Diablo II forums about a decade ago.

Looking forward to the game release/reviews and to your impressions of the game Smile

P.S. Enjoy the new title ichigeki Wink
Thanks Mathieu. !Ub3r!
Yeah I was on there with Diablo from 1998-2000 then Diablo 2 until the mid 2000's just like most of you guys, I think the overall game will be OK. You had a very short preview. And if you recall the old games, the storyline wasn't the most ingenious. If Diablo 3 has a similar feel than that of the previous games, it should be OK.