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Full Version: [Skyrim] Discussion Thread
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Skyrim is now available to pre-load from Steam and Direct2Drive. A launch patch is also ready for download when the game unlocks on 11/11/11. The patch will bring all platforms to version 1.1 and fixes some quest progression and stability bugs.

Who's pumped for Skyrim?
Hmm pay phone bill or buy Skyrim.

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Just 3 hours to go! So incredibly ridiculously pumped. And I saw a comparison of graphics settings here and even the lowest setting looks pretty good in my opinion, and I think I'll be able to pull off high settings.
Reviews have been popping up and PC Gamer gave it a 94/100 without the 1.1 patch.
I am so jealous. I won't be able to play it. :-(

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Well I just played about an hour of it and now I need to finish some homework before I give it another go, but so far it seems very promising, and I can play it on High which makes me super-happy.

My only complaint is that AS SOON as it gave me freedom to move, I open a chest. I can't exit the chest no matter what button I press. I restart the game and avoid that chest the next time around, try another chest, and I can exit out of it just fine. One minor bug that had me scratching my head for about 10 minutes. So don't open the very first chest possible, it's stupid.
I haven't had a chance to play yet, hopefully tomorrow night I'll have a chance to sit down with it.

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I was able to get it. Made a few calls and called in an early Christmas present. ;-) should we have a sub sub forum for Skyrim since the quite a few of us are playing it. Or we could just put [Skyrim] then the post name. But I played for about two hours. When I get home I am going to start again but actually customize my character more.

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Yeah I changed the title so this can be our official Skyrim discussion thread.
Sweet. What race did you all choose? I think once I get home I might switch to dark elf. I am a wood elf right now.

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