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(12-08-2011, 08:11 PM)ApexBoost Wrote: [ -> ]You can still receive blessings, just not the well rested bonus from sleep. I'm not sure if your damage as a werewolf levels with you or not, although I would think it would.

The companions quests are very fun, the story takes some very crazy twists.

OK sorry, when my brother was showing off his warewolf character and it was very late and I may not have taken it all in, like I said I have just started the warewolf quest myself and I tend to take my time with these questsBlush
Hey no problem, wasn't trying to hound on you or anything.
So I got swept up in minecraft vids. I think I am going to play that for a little bit.
So my gf got home from work and she was like why didn't you do the dishes? So I told her and I quote. "I meant to do the dishes but then I took an arrow to the knee. " she looked at me like i was insane. I laughed so hard.

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Well played sir Smile
So anyone still playing/beat the game? I personally got bored of sneaky archer as it was much to overpowered and boring. I just recently started a Nord dual-wielding brawler character and it's so much more fun to play.
Also, being a werewolf isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds, sorry.
I got bored with it. Which is sad. I didn't get bored with oblivion. I guess I just am not into games much these days.

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I beat all of the questlines, level 51 High Elf Battle Mage (One Handed w/ Glass Armor). I'm pretty sad that I've beaten as I had tons of fun but now theres nothing to do. I never got far into Oblivion so I'm playing that now until Diablo III finally drops.
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