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Wow, high level. Too much school right now for Skyrim =/ I'm about 10 hours into it. What is the max level?
After 50, you level very slowly but I believe the true level cap is 81 with all skills at 100.

I hear ya with school, I had to get all my time in early with finals coming next week Undecided
I lost my save when I went to linux. I am back to windows 7 now and just redownloaded Skyrim. I was I think level 28 dark elf. I was into stealth and one handed.
I used to play Skyrim like you but then I took an arrow to the knee.
Lol! This was my favorite movie as a kid. Very disgusting though. I did come across that guy too Big Grin.
I am so tired of those comment on every video.

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(12-08-2011, 11:21 AM)Phrosty Wrote: [ -> ]I am so tired of those comment on every video.

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Sorry, I just couldn't resistAngel

Personally I find the excitement/energy on youtube surrounding this game enthralling. I'm so tired of every video being another COD montage, (and i used to be a huge COD fanboy during the COD4 days). Really, as someone who spends a lot of my free time on youtube, everything Skyrim (from the vids to the comments that are annoying everyone) just such a breath of fresh, cool mountain air! Everyone from Breeze Attack to Grenade CAtcher to even the BIG COD commentators are getting onboard; I don't know am I crazy to get this excited over the youtube community's reaction to a video game?

Even more exciting is that the Creation Kit is set to release next month, the mods are going to be amazing (I hope!) I've already logged over 50 hours into the game, my character is a female nord stealth/warrior, I've had to force myself to stop playing, I want some of the mods to mature, before I start playing again.

(12-08-2011, 11:21 AM)Phrosty Wrote: [ -> ]I am so tired of those comment on every video.

Also I was trying to bring attention to that vid I had linked in there, I just found that vid just absolutely hillirous! HeartBig GrinHeartBig Grin
Oh I was not saying anything bad Smile. I agree, that the video is super funny.

Ok, tonight I am starting again. I am fairly certain I will be an orc. Specializing in two handed and heavy armor. I will also focus on blacksmithing and enchanting.
For blacksmithing get leather and pelts from raiding bandit camps, bandits often have pelts and leather lying around. Also learn to use the smelter;
This vid shows where to find smelters; you can buy raw ore cheap, or mine it for free. Just keep making tons of iron daggers you will level up in blacksmithing in no time. Also once your smithing is up there, and as you will pick up dragonskin doing the main quest, you can make dragonskin armor.
I should add that you use the smelter to turn raw ore into metal ignots, and then you can turn the ignots into daggers, incase anyone didn't catch where i was going with that...
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