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I found this site they have skins and texture packs that can enhance the visuals of the game. Looks pretty sweet.

Take a look at this.

PC Gamer compiled a list of the top ten best mods out thus far and will keep the list up to date. Worth checking out:
One of the mods is to use more than two gigs ram. Now why would you want to use more?

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(11-14-2011, 07:28 PM)Phrosty Wrote: [ -> ]One of the mods is to use more than two gigs ram. Now why would you want to use more?

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I believe the benefit is if your VRAM gets used up, textures and other game assets can be assigned to your general RAM. I downloaded and tested that mod out, turned up my settings to Ultra, and saw a small improvement (4-5 frames). I think I would notice a greater difference if my graphics card was slightly better, as this one is so old it probably can't handle Ultra no matter how much tweaking. Still, the game wasn't using more than 1.5 gigs of memory at any time, but in the future with Hi-Res texture packs and all sorts of visual mods, the extra RAM could prove useful.
I had a close call just now. Windows decided to update and I had no idea. It reset on it's own without a prompt or anything. I literally saved after 45 minutes of not saving like 30 seconds before it restarted. Wow that was a close one.

Aside from the main quest dragon I just killed my first dragon Smile
Alright so if you're anything like me, you see that dragon bones and scales are super-valuable, and sold them all to get massive amounts of money. I discovered that you can eventually create dragon armor and weapons....yeah.

So then I thought "Eh I'll never level up my blacksmithing enough" (it requires 100 bs).

Wrong again. Turns out no matter what you create, you get the same amount of bs experience regardless. Iron daggers are questionably the cheapest things to make, and iron ingots and leather strips are always available to buy as well.

I went from 20 to 72 in about half an hour making nothing but mass iron daggers, which unlocked the ability for me to create/upgrade elven armor and magical armor with the perks, and I'm extremely happy with just how amazing blacksmithing actually is. If you guys have been like me and are ignoring it for the cooler and more apparently useful perks, change your ways.

The only downside is the cost of buying all the iron and leather if you do not have much. Leather isn't a problem to obtain, but iron sure is, and the cost adds up. Still, totally worth it.
Wow I had no idea. I sold stuff and bought a house. Won't do that again. Lol. Yeah i have been messing with black smith a bit. I am having a lot of fun now. I just feel like i spend most of my time walking. Which gets really annoying lol. Should I be saving my nirnroot like in oblivion? I am keeping them safe just in case.

I also make sure to not sell magical items so that I can disenchant them :-)

Edit - I used up all my metals to make gold with a spell. I can't remember it off hand but I kept using it to make gold lol.

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I don't know if you guys bought the game through Steam or not, but if you did you're in for a treat. Valve and Bethesda are working together to implement mod support into Steam. I believe I heard an ETA of April or so, and when that comes you will be able to download and managed all of your mods within Steam.
Personally I'm ecstatic about this. I loved Oblivion and the newer Fallout games, but getting all of the mods to work required much bending over backwards.
Sorry if this is old news to you guys, but I was gone for some time.
What are your guy's builds? I am a khajiit with shock on one hand and a sword on the other. Working on Destruction, Light armor, and single hand weapons.
I'm a level 37 High Elf, primarily working on Destruction, Conjuration, Light Armor, and Single Handed Weapons. I'm about 80 hours in already Smile
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