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I'm a high elf to start. Will probably start one of every race eventually though!
(11-11-2011, 05:56 PM)Phrosty Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet. What race did you all choose? I think once I get home I might switch to dark elf. I am a wood elf right now.

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I went ahead with a Dark Elf because I think they have a stealth bonus or something? I don't remember, but it seems to work fine. I'm a stealth/archer/destruction character, I'm 13 hours in, have killed 3 dragons, and have only done 3 story missions, and it is ridiculously fun so far.
Well I ruined the game for myself a little bit. I decided to start messing with the console commands lol. So now I am tweaking everything. It started with just gold. Then it went to health and magicka then it went to items, then everything else. I need to start over and not mess with anything. I was a dark elf but now I am doing more research into each class. I think I may go straight mage. I dunno. These kinds of games always get the best of me when it comes to thing like that. There are so many options I just get so overwhelmed. Like oh no did i put that skill point in the wrong place? It gets intense lol.
That'll happen, luckily with this game if you misuse your points you have plenty of chances to go the other direction with it.
I don't think I am going to start over now but I am going to go back to the beginning and focus on earlier quests. (Used god mode and no clipping to go to different areas)

My only gripe about the game is that the items don;t say if they are one handed or two handed. So you buy something and realize that it;s not what you could use.
Yeah that can be frustrating, I don't like how easy it is to accidentally steal something. It's happened to me too many times but overall I love the game and its the best in the series yet.

I've spent time to buy a house and fully furnish it in Whiterun, lots of fun. I've barely progressed in the story doing every sidequest possible.
Yeah I am starting over and I am going to do every quest I can. I have stolen so many things it's not even funny. I agree that it is way to easy to steal stuff. Sad What level are you at? How about a picture of your character Smile
I've actually only stolen one thing so far...don't see why you guys are so criminally-inclined. I, too, have done practically none of the story. Right now I'm working through the College of Winterholm(sp?) questline and it's pretty cool. I'll try and get a picture of my level 19 guy the next time I play, which shouldn't be until after my Calc midterm on Tuesday, but chances are that won't be true.
I'm only level 7 at the moment, I cant wait to make it to the College of Winterholm for the mage stuff, theres nothing good for me in Whiterun.
So as I said earlier, didn't manage to go without it until Tuesday...but on the plus side, here's my current character, Steve.
[Image: stevev.jpg]

I also couldn't help but take a few pictures of the best skybox I've ever seen in a video game.

[Image: mostbeautifulmoon.jpg]

[Image: beautifulskyscape.jpg]

I mean seriously, that's beautiful.

And finally, some of the lulz I've been getting in this game. This dragon was killed about 2 miles away from where it is now. It magically and slowly creeped its way through an entire town, across the narrow path leading to the college, and right up to the front door...
[Image: dragonfail.jpg]

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