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Full Version: Humble Bundle: Voxatron Debut
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Just picked this game up and it is downloading right now. As always it's a pay what you want for the game.

Edit - This game is simple yet fun Smile. I already enjoy it.

My only gripe right now is that I cannot change the buttons Sad I have to use the numberpad to shoot in directions but the jump key is awkwardly placed

edit 2 - Nvm that, the space bar is also jump. Much easier.

If you don't read the readme like me you controll using "wasd" and the shoot direction with the numpad. Such as 8 is up and 2 is down and so on. To shoot diaganol you either press 7 or the corresponding direction or press 4 and 8 for example. Then space bar is jump.
The Binding of Isaac and Blocks That Matter, plus the brand new Binding of Isaac Halloween update have been added to the bundle as well.
I saw that. Can't wait to get home and ay them. Glad they have steam codes too.

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Yeah they make it really easy grab these, I still need to nab this bundle. Let me know how you enjoy the others!