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Full Version: Steam Halloween Sale
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Hey guys, Steam's Halloween sale is live and there are plenty of good deals as usual. I just picked up Left 4 Dead 2 and Killing Floor for $17. The games are primarily zombie and horror related. Notables are Borderlands, Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead 1/2 and Killing Floor. The complete list can be seen here:

Oooh Borderland :-)

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Yeah $4.99 is a steal for that game, I already have it for console otherwise I'd jump on that as well. If anyone ends up with L4D2 or Killing Floor and wants to play, let me know!
Another Steam sale, another unnecessary purchase. Bought Borderlands (already have it on Xbox) and Bioshock (never played it).
If Dead Island was a bit cheaper I definitely would've sprung for that.

Also, Train Simulator is part of the sale?