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Full Version: Toshiba 17", i5, GeForce GTX 560M Notebook under $1100
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Does anyone know of a better gaming laptop for the price? My friend needs help picking out a gaming laptop (he's on the road a LOT) and this was the best one I could find. It looks like a steal... I can't find anything better for under 1500.

The alienware equivalent is $400 more expensive with 2 gb less ram and a lesser video card.

I hope I'm wrong and someone can beat this deal! Smile But if not let me know please so I can tell my friend to go ahead and buy it.

I just took a look at laptops at similar prices and it looks like that is indeed the best gaming laptop in that price range. Go for it!
Cool. Thanks!
(10-18-2011, 08:55 PM)Roy Wrote: [ -> ]I would consider as a viable option

I wouldn't, the GT 555M is considerably slower than the GTX 560M

GTX 560M: 192 shader processors, 775MHz (Core) 1550MHz (Shader) 1250MHz (VRAM) 192 (Memory bus size)
GT 555M: 144 shader processors, 590-753MHz (Core) 1180-1505MHz (Shader) 785-900MHz (VRAM) 128/192 (Memory Bus size)