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Hi I live in Europe, where my parent is stationed. I grew up in the military life, I am used to moving a lot I have moved 10 times. I have lived in many different states, I also plan on joining the military like my dad, his dad, and his dad did. I always have liked computers, in fact after having to make friends with people, then to move and never talk to them again. Computers became a passion for me. However since I moved here and the drinking age is 16, I rarely have time to do anything with computers anymore. I also have many core classes in college that I have to knock out so I rarely have time to play with stuff like I used too. I plan on getting many computer certifications, while I finish my associates. Then I move back to America wherever that is, then I transfer somewhere else..... Then graduate and get a job....

Yes this is pretty much my life story condensed.
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