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Full Version: [Deal] Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle
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Another Humble Bundle has been posted and as always you get a great deal. You get to pick how much you pay for Frozen Synapse and if you pay more than the average (which is usually pretty low), you get the entire bundle included. There are no DRM's and you get a link to the direct downloads for any platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) as well as Steam codes!

The money you pay is split between Humble Bundle, the developers and the Child's Play charity. You can even decide who gets how much of your money individually.
Yep, when I get home I will be buying this one too. I love the bundles.

Edit - bought it for ten bucks. That way I got all the games. :-)

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Trauma was just added to the bundle as well:
Space Chem was also just added:
Yeah i got the email Smile. Super excited. Now I wish I had a rig that could even play them.
I havent really had a chance to play any of them yet, I've been on a huge TF2 kick lately. I did try out Trine and for the few minutes I played, it was really great!
If anyone was still intending to grab this, today is the last day!
Deal is over, I'll post up the next one when it comes.