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Full Version: recommend graphics card list
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Often you see a minimum and recommend settings for games and program and it's pretty straight forward with CPU. Operating System, Memory, HDD (Storage Space), Sound Card, Input Device (Keyboard & Mouse) and Optical Drive (DVD, CD or Blu-ray) but it's not quit as simple to know if a particular Graphic Card(s) is sufficient to run something.

Is there a list or something that gives ranking of particular Graphic Cards so see where a particular card rankcomparedrd to others? For example a Gamminimumurecommendnd settings are Graphic Card Orange (I'm making up a name) and you have Graphic Card Blue which is ranked 2 spots above Orange so you'r OK but the guy with Graphic Card Red is 1 spot below Orange so that guy either needs to upgrade or won't be able to play the game.

I can't see how the average person would know this stuff walking into a store looking for new PC game. Yes they tell you the required DIRECTX and ram but I'm looking for easy list to give to a friend or such. Somthing on the order of this

Just curious and thought I'd ask. Thanks
Here's a list Mathieu put together:
I'm not sure if this list would be of any help to you, but it's got Render and OpenGL scores in relation with (basic) computer setup information (graphic card, CPU, OS) :
Sorry I was unable to get back sooner.

Thanks for the information but still not quit what I was looking for but still it's a lot of great stuff.

Thanks again everyone.