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Full Version: [Deal] Portal - Free!
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From now until September 20th, the original Portal is free to download and install. Its part of their Learn With Portals educational campaign. If you've never played through this game you need to do so immediately. It'll make you think in ways you've never had to before in a game. Enjoy.
That is EPIC. I figured they would reduce the price but free? That is awesome. I am loving all these steam deals.
Indeed, Steam/Valve knows the way to a gamers heart.
Downloaded it but will not open? opens pop-up "preparing to launch" and then nothing- any thoughts?
Hmm, thats odd. I'd delete the local files and try downloading it again.
(09-16-2011, 07:11 PM)ApexBoost Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm, thats odd. I'd delete the local files and try downloading it again.

Weird- did that and same result so tried rebooting whole computer and that seemed to solve the problem-have no idea why though- but got into game- pretty neat puzzles
I got Portal for free probably like 1 year ago off of steam.
Yeah me too joshlete, it's funny that they had it free too before Portal 2 came out.
I had similar problems when downloading Portal 2 a while ago, glad you got it worked out!
I got it free then also. Wasn't it from when they made steam available for mac?

On a related note I love it.
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