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Full Version: SSD Decision
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Is it worth it to go with...

OCZ Agility 3
$69.99 after rebate

to save money over using the reccomended...
Crucial M4

or should I spend the money to get the superior drive?
What would you do??
I'd go with the Crucial. I find the reliability and problems with SandForce SSDs unacceptable.
Crucial M4 hands down, for one very important reason: Reliability.

I mean, just look at customer reviews on both SSDs. That should make it pretty clear to you to avoid the OCZ Agility 3 60GB. There's a reason that it's priced so low Wink
I've seen a lot of good sales on the OCZ Agility 3 60GB lately -- I think I've seen it as low as $60 after rebate. Makes me think that the bad reviews are catching up with it and distributors are having a tough time moving the product.

SSD is a luxury. Don't skimp on it. That would be like buying a really cheap sports car. Yea it might look nicer than a Camry but you're going to be taking it to the shop once a month. If it's not reliable, the snappy features aren't so great anymore.

Just checked, 32% 1-egg rating means STAY AWAY. The product has a major defect.
Out of the three ocz ssd drives on china newegg, the agility is rated lowest. someone said they had to reinstall after 3 weeks.... but still they gave it 3.8 eggs. that would be a 1 for me if that happened.

The ocz solid has blue screen of death firmware issue i just read???