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Full Version: Dead Island
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Anyone pick this up today, they really botched the launch thus far. Releasing the wrong version on Steam, no clip modes enabled, etc. Between the first trailer and release, the game has been kind of disappointing. I may pick it up when it drops in price as the concept of an RPG and first person zombie slayer are appealing, but definitely not right now.

Article About Launch Fail:
I had a good laugh when I heard about them releasing the wrong version. But once that's fixed, I think it looks like a pretty solid buy. Although I am disappointed from what I've heard about giving great back stories to the playable characters and then never exploring it.
A friend on my Steam Friends list has been playing it all day, so it can't be too terrible right now.
I'll also be waiting for a sale, and probably then some. Between Gears 3, BF3, and Skyrim, I doubt I'll have much time for another (supposedly) long RPG.
I used to not like the idea of a FPS RPG type game then I played borderlands a few months ago. I am watching a "lets play" with the youtuber pwnstar. Looks like fun to me.
Agreed, I'm saving my dollars for CS:GO, BF3, MW3 and such. Once its a bit cheaper I'm going to grab it for sure, I started watching a playthrough with Sp00n but I'm going to stop to avoid too many spoilers.

Borderlands is great btw!
Yeah i might avoid it too but the way bills are looking and garnishments I really have no way to afford it anyways lol.