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Just finished a two hour session with the new Warhammer game that just unlocked for me here in North America. All I can say is wow. It gave me a larger feeling of being a BAMF than any other game has, even the God of War series.

Sound is amazing, graphics are very appealing, atmosphere is crazy good, combat is extremely gratuitous and satisfactory, and overall I'm having a great time playing this.

As for the bad: voice acting is passable at best so far, and the story seems to take second place to combat, but that's subject to change. Finally, I hear the MP is broken right now, but once again, most likely will change soon enough.

Anyway, just thought I would give a quick first impressions for any of you who may have seen footage of it before and were maybe on the fence about buying it. At this point I would recommend it, though.
I remember trying to learn Warhammer 40k the table top game. I had no idea they had a computer game. I will have to look into it. Do you have a link for the game you got or did you just go to the warhammer site?
Here's your link
I also tried learning the table top game, but once I heard some units were upwards of 40 dollars a piece, I backed out.
Sweet. The videos they have don't show actual gameplay. What type of game is it? Is it like starcraft or what?

Edit nvm I read the description. Seems to be a fps.
Not really an FPS. More-so a third person action game. Or at least that's how I view it because I love the melee combat. To me, it's kind of a mix between God of War and Gears of War.

I'll see if I can lower the settings enough to take like a 5 minute gameplay video to show you.
That would be sweet. Man I love both of those games. if it's a cross between both I would love to get it it.

The sound quality is pretty poor for one reason: the audio got compressed twice. Once when I was initially rendering the files, and then again when the program I used to put the videos together required me to re-render to make the file. I then tried using uncompressed files in the program and kept getting errors, so I hope you're fine with the poor audio. Video still looks fine, I was able to record with all the options selected (a grand total of 5 options, not the most detailed PC port, but it plays great), but had to reduce the resolution to 720p.

Also, I die at one point by total BS, and was too lazy to try a death-free run. I actually did get a death-free run before this one, but Fraps failed and didn't capture the video.

Enjoy the immense efforts and poor results...Dodgy
I am watching right now as i reply to this.
That looks epic. I can see the gears of war and god of war style in it. Very impressive. I love how you pew pewed the guys in like two hits. I would have unloaded a full clip at 1:00.

at 2:14 did you saw through somebody?

LOL at 5:18 HULK SMASH. I love how you ran up to him and just smashed him into a wall.

OMG 7:38 was amazing. He went into an all caps rage Wink
Probably the best new mechanic: the only ways to regain health are to either execute someone in an ultra-violent fashion, or you have to go into CAPS LOCK RAGE, otherwise known as fury mode.
And I just finished the game in 7 hours. I can't comment on the MP because it is still broken. This game just lost a few points in my book, but those 7 hours were very enjoyable.
Mini Review:

Combat: super-gratifying with some great animations to go along with the brutality.
Story: VERY forgettable. Cliffhanger-ish ending with no grounds to continue the story, so I'm not sure why they didn't just answer all the questions at the end.

Voice acting: above average. Never thought any particular voice was bad or anything

Sound: The guns and melee weapons sound great. Lots of punch to the guns and plenty of loud noises while dismembering your foes with a chainsword.

Atmosphere: Amazing. If there is one thing I've always loved about Warhammer games, it's the settings. While the environments only range from a ruined city to the corridors inside those building, I still found myself just looking at the backdrops.

Graphics: Certain things are nicely detailed, namely your character and the weapons. Enemy models also look exceptional. Some environment pieces have uncharacteristically low textures, but I was never too distracted by it.

Gameplay: The combat is solid as I said. Just when you start getting bored of hacking and slashing, they throw in a small setpiece that's just long enough (5 minutes max) to help break up the action, then they drop you right back to the up-close and personal. In the second half, however, the majority of enemies have guns. For people wanting to melee their way through everything, this was extremely difficult and downright frustrating. After several tries in an ending battle, I took my gun out at the start and was able to kill everything from a safe distance, but it's not nearly as much fun.

I won't give it a score because I'm not in a scoring mood, but it is a very enjoyable game. Once the MP works, hopefully it will be enjoyable enough to make me think it was a well-spent 50 bucks. As of now, I wouldn't recommend buying it until a price drop or the MP turns out to be amazing.
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