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Full Version: Newegg Customer? Read this.
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Make sure to go recheck your items you got on newegg. I wrote to them on my items that went down in price a few days after I got them, (Up to 1 month later i think.) and they are going to refund me the diffrence on the items. Thought I would give everyone the heads up.
Is there a specific email that you sent this request or is it just the generic customer service one?
There is a "Iron Egg garentee" section and it will show you where to go to put in a claim.
That's awesome, I would have never even thought of this, so thanks for posting. I'll be sure to save my parts list and check back at least once a week.
They also have a list of other websites they will honor for price matching.
Sweet! I'll check back every few days and compare prices to what I just bought! Thanks!
It looks like this is only good during the holiday season.
All items over the holiday were "Iron Egg'ed" but afterwards the actuall item would have to be tagged as such.
On my graphic card, Zanthal also bought this graphics card,, the price went down 10 dollars, I don't know if it'll go down further but that's what it's at now.

Go to your account and do a search for Iron Egg in Newegg it'll take you to the place you need to fill out the form. Or follow this link:

Thanks Perry, you just got me 10 bucks, I wonder how they'll send it, prepaid visa or something.

Edit: I sent in the request and they replied to me, and apparently even though I bought on Cyber Monday, November 29th, my item wasn't Iron Egg'ed, maybe that's not part of the holiday season. Heads up!
Yup, they credited me $10 for an item I'd bought earlier even though it was only a promo code sale... YaaaaY! Wink
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