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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on for ages.

Anyway, how many of you guys use steam?

I have found it really good, especially for us Aussies Big Grin

The specials are really good, I got Battlefield Bad Company 2 for $5 during one of the sales, and Just Cause 2 for $5 too.

If I (or someone else) started a Hardware Revolution group, how many of you would join?

Let me know what you think about it, thanks.
I used to use it only for games that require it. A friend of mine got his cd key banned last night because steam wouldn't recognize something while connecting to the EA server. Apparently it's a huge problem going on right now.
Wow, ok, I haven't had any problems like that yet.
But if I made a Steam group for Hardware Revolution, would you join?
I don't have a computer that can run steam at this moment so no I wouldn't Wink
Ok, lol, fair enough Wink
I've been starting to use it a bit more, but I tend to buy games in store so I have the discs just incase. I am grabbing deals here and there, like CSS for $5 this weekend.

I'd join the group if you made one.
Ok, well I will make one now, I will post a link when i'm done.
Ok, here it is:
Yeah, I use it if I have to for the game (e.g. CS: S, NFS: Prostreet) but otherwise the DRM and other junk just annoy me.
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